American Reunion Review

Imagine the scene, Jason Biggs and co from the original American Pie series reunited for one laughter-filled reunion 13 years on. Same puerile humor with the older (but not wiser) cast. Excellent.
The premise of this new addition to the American Pie franchise is East Great Falls are holding their high-school reunion and the boys and girls return to relive their high school days. Jim (Jason Biggs) and Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) are married with a two-year-old toddler in tow, desperate to spice up their sex lives. Things are getting normal for the rest of the cast too. Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) is house husband to “not Vicky”, Oz is a laughable sports pundit and Finch is a man no one can pin down. Oh, and Stifler is, well, still the Stifmeister. All grown up and getting tired of it, they all return for a long-overdue weekend of highschool-Esque pranks and japes.

You would have thought that time is a great healer for the awkward to be knocked out of the group, but the writers have somehow pulled it out of the bag and made the adult situations the experience in this film just as hilarious as what we’ve come to expect.

Sex-starved Jim gets in some absurd situations when the 18-year-old girl-next-door, Kara (played by the wonderful Ali Cobrin) comes on heavy, all the more hilarious when he used to babysit the girl. Oz feels more and more estranged from his trophy wife and seeks to find normality in the absurdity of his life (He competed in Celebrity Dance-Off). Whereas the ever ridiculous Steven Stifler steals the show as the never grown up clown of the film (With the filthy mind of a 15 year old). He invigorates the new film with the majority of the humor that would probably rouge the cheeks of the lewdest of teenagers.

The formula is the same, but the setting is new and fresh. Old jokes just seem new again and the new jokes entertain the now 13 years older crowd filling the cinema seats. Even Jim’s Dad (The franchises only constant, Eugene Levy) gets to have fun, breaking out of the awkward advising dad role for once. Forget the slap-dash spin-offs such as “Naked Mile”, this is the real deal. Amongst the penis gags, scatological mishaps and the obligatory masturbation jokes, the story is a really good reminisce back to the old days, complete with awesome 90s soundtrack.

If you are a fan of the original American Pie movies, you will love the update to the characters you know and love. I highly recommend this film, if not for the reinvention of the “shagging pie” scene, but for pure nostalgia alone.
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