The Avengers Assemble Review

So this is probably one of the most hyped movies of the year, with hints of what we can expect from all the way back of the original Iron Man film. Do you remember? You wait until the end of the credits at the cinema/theatre and then a little clip was played featuring Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) who says he wants to put an elite group of people together. From here the word of the Avengers was out and we’ve had to wait a few years for this film to actually come together.
I was skeptical, like many, that this film would never live up to the hype as ‘the comic movie event of the year’, but simply it did! I have always been a fan of the Marvel Universe films, but haven’t ever found one that I loved. They’ve always felt a bit too Hollywood, with little thought into the story and character development. This is where the Avengers Assemble did well, as we already knew the characters from the original films. There was Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, The Black Widow, The Hulk, Hawk-Eye and their team of computer room geeks fighting an evil being from Asgard, the home of Thor.

The story is typically comic, with a struggle for ownership of the Tesseract; an unlimited energy source that could be used for good or evil. Who does it belong to? Where should it be kept? Well everyone has different ideas and this is the essential battle of the film.
The effects were spectacular, with some of the scenes feeling like finale battles that we’ve all been waiting for, when in fact they were just original film scenes. Avengers Assemble was THAT good. You don’t bored and there were a lot of laughs too, which all hit the button too. As with the other films, this is a love or hate affair, but judging by the vast majority of Avengers reviews this has been a clear success and will take a lot of money at the box office for sure.

I was lucky enough to see this at my local IMAX, which was great as the effects were in your face and the picture was crystal clear. I highly recommend paying the extra ticket fee or traveling the extra distance to go as see the Avengers in all its 3D glory. It’s also a film to enjoy some popcorn and drinks with, so splash out and make an evening of it as it all adds to the experience.

Enjoy the laughs, be marveled by the action and take a ride with our favorite superheroes all in one place with Avengers Assemble!
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