The Pirates! Band of Misfits Review

I’ll keep this one fairly brief as the film didn’t inspire me to write very much. This wasn’t because it was bad, but just because it wasn’t that good. Animated films always have a struggle as they have to appeal to a number of audiences and for it to be a great film, both children and adults have to have a great time.
Pirates! works to an extent on both levels but somehow also misses them both. The jokes are somewhat funny, and the slapstick humor was somewhat enjoyable. It wasn’t overly targeting children but didn’t have a lot of the laughs that adults would be looking for.

The Pirates! left me thinking who it was actually for? Not children? Not Adults? Well, who? The answer is actually fairly straight forward, it targets families and cinema goes who want a light hearted and easy watch. It doesn’t set the mind alight, but it makes a pleasant two hours in the cinema if you’ve exhausted all the other avenues of entertainment over Easter.

The animation was mediocre and so were the gags. I think the storyline was probably its best feature, but a great film has to have more than that. Simply, The Pirates! should be viewed by those not expecting too much, and in return that’s exactly what you will get. A few laughs, a couple of hours of entertainment and no one get hurt. In terms of pedigree, it has been brought to you by the same people who were behind Wallace & Grommit and Chicken Run. You wouldn’t really know it though as it doesn’t really live up to these classics. If you were die-hard fans of these previous offerings then this could be one for you.

Pixar it ain’t, but hey, this isn’t the of the world as avid animation film fans will still have a pleasant enough time watching it.
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