Top 6 Hans Zimmer Movie Soundtracks

Anyone into their films will know of Hans Zimmer – the legendary soundtrack composer who’s made soundtracks for heaps of films.  You’ll no doubt know most of these films and their soundtracks contributed towards making the films memorable.
Music can really make a film great – and Zimmer understands the importance of music to tell a story and to build atmosphere and tension. The visual aspect of a film is enhanced when the audio is high quality – and at the theatre can feel really epic. Let's take a look at our top 6 Zimmer soundtracks:

Lion King

Winning numerous awards, and becoming one of the best known Disney films are The Lion King – one of Zimmer’s best-known soundtracks. The tale of Simba the lion coming of age and facing challenges in his homeland has touched people around the world, and the soundtrack is both moving and adequately powerful to convey the film’s peril.


This film was directed by the great Ridley Scott, who recently delivered another smash blockbuster in the form of Prometheus. Gladiator was a violent and aggressive look at roman life – following Russell Crow through a journey of redemption and self-discovery. The soundtrack was suitably powerful and matched the visual aspect of the film very well.


Christopher Nolan directed this movie starring Leonardo Di Caprio with an equally strong supporting cast. It won many awards and is a ‘fan favorite’ and one of our favorite movies ever! The soundtrack has now become one of Zimmers most know – blending a mix of classical music, with more modern styles and it contains a number of tracks that stand strong on their own; such as ‘Time’ and ‘A dream within a dream’.

Dark Knight

This Batman film was also directed by Nolan – where Zimmer also stepped in to compose. The soundtrack did meet some criticism as some called it slightly overbearing on the film, and took too much focus away from the script and visual aspect. It’s dark and haunting – the perfect musical accompaniment to such a historic film.


This sequel to the Silence of Lambs was much anticipated by horror fans around the world, and saw Anthony Hopkins return to form in his darkest and most twisted role to date. The movie was one of the darkest that Zimmer has taken on, and completely did it justice with the eerie and the delicate subject of cannibalism in the story.

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Disney saga of Pirates of the Carribean has one of the most recognizable soundtracks and theme tunes and of course was created by Zimmer. The films starred Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom amongst others and follow pirates through their adventures. It is based strangely on a ride in Disneyland so really has brought the adventure alive!
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